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Fast & Furious 9: Trailer and all you need to know

Fast & Furious 9 TrailerFast & Furious franchise is heading into its ninth installment yet it seems we haven’t been paying attention to the box office.

Both Fast & Furious 7 and Fast & Furious 8 crossed the $1 billion mark worldwide, with Fast & Furious 7 currently ranking as the eighth-biggest movie of all time with $1.51bn.

While Universal wants more of Dom to increase its famiglia, the company is also adding more excitement to please its global fanbase.

Fast & Furious 9 isn’t just the end yet as there’s a tenth movie already planned – but let’s just focus on the ninth trailer for now as I wrap my fourth preview.

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The epic first trailer for Fast & Furious 9 which arrived on January 31 delivered a couple of huge reveals for fans like myself. John Cena? I didn’t expect all that action!

It turns out that John Cena  (Jacob Toretto) is Dominic Toretto‘s (Dom) brother, and then the very end of the trailer revealed that, somehow, Han (Sung Kang) is making a comeback.

“Nice clubhouse,” he says as he casually strolls back into Dom’s life, and it seems Letty knew that Han was still alive. How did he survive? We’ll have to wait to find out more.

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Though initially scheduled for an April 2019 release, Fast and Furious 9 will now be out in cinemas on May 22. 

Watch the full trailer below.



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