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Experiencing Rémy Martin Through Personal Discovery with Opulence Revealed

Experiencing Rémy Martin Through Personal Discovery with Opulence RevealedIn its mission to celebrate savoir-faire and joie de vivre, all over the world, Rémy Martin brings Opulence Revealed, a ground-breaking, multi-sensory and interactive tasting experience to Accra, Ghana. The Opulence Revealed sessions will be held at the private members-only club, Front/Back.

Opulence Revealed is an intimate experience that will reveal the unique style of the House of Rémy Martin. The exceptional flavours of two iconic Rémy Martin cognacs, will be brought to life as Opulence Revealed guests are invited to nose and taste both the cognacs as well as a selection of the many elements displayed on the central table, including flowers, fruit, nuts, and spices, which are designed to stimulate the senses by identification of the complexity of aromas and flavours.

In 2015 Remy Martin redefined its core consumer target – ‘the slash slash generation’, recognised as being an entrepreneurial, creative and eclectic tribe that desire multi-faceted lives and embrace the collision of different worlds. Opulence Revealed is a new disruptive brand educational tool specifically created to target this new audience by breaking the codes of training and engagement through personal discovery and experience.
Experiencing Rémy Martin Through Personal Discovery with Opulence Revealed“With Opulence Revealed, we reveal the guiding principles that are the foundations of the House of Rémy Martin in a new and inspiring way and establish a detailed understanding of what differentiates Rémy Martin from all other cognac houses,” says Alvin Saal, Rémy Martin’s Marketing Manager for the Africa & Indian Ocean region.

In addition to the product experience during Opulence Revealed, a trained ambassador will detail each of the steps of cognac production, from the harvesting of the grapes in the Grande and Petite Champagne regions of France through distillation, maturation and, finally, blending.

Ghanaian trade partners, key opinion leaders, and influencers who attend the Opulence Revealed private sessions will attain a deeper knowledge and a wider appreciation of Rémy Martin.

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