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Cecilia Marfo’s occultism not new to Pentecost Leaders – Brother Sammy

Gospel musician Brother Sammy, has alleged the Pentecost Church in Ghana knows that Cecilia Marfo, the “Afunum Ba” hitmaker is into occultism.

He sights his allegations as reasons they expunged her from the church.

This allegation comes at the time where the prophetess Ceclia Marfo has been accused of conniving with her junior pastor to bury multiple 50 Ghana cedis with the names of some Ghanaian gospel musicians in an attempt to ‘kill’ their careers spiritually.

According to Brother Sammy, the Church of Pentecost expunged Cecilia Marfo to avoid her from introducing its members with occultism. “The church knew she was into occultism but refused to make it public”, he adds.

Cecilia Marfo at one of her programs in Kumasi sometime last year slapped Brother Sammy who was also billed to perform at the program. The reason for the slap was because the prophetess Cecilia suspected him of  being an occult.

Brother Sammy who took the heavy slaps added that the embattled evangelist at the said program spat out phlegm for men to eat with the explanation that it’s the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Born Samuel Opoku, Brother Sammy believes these allegations making round will vindicate him of the accusations she leveled against him.

“Cecilia Marfo lashes people in her church. The same ritual was meted to Grace Ashy and that collapsed her career”, he adds.


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