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Cameroon records 254 new cases of Covid-19 after schools reopened

Cameroon covid 19 casesCameroon has recorded an increase in covid-19 cases after reopening schools on Monday.

On Monday, the Central African country recorded 254 new cases and 188 new cases also on Tuesday. Cameroon has a total of 6,585 covid-19 cases with 200 deaths.

Infections increased sharply just after schools reopened but it is unclear where the new infections were coming from.

Final year students at lower levels of education and university students resumed studies sitting metres apart as the government instructed.

Students were also made to wear face masks and observe all the health guidelines to avoid catching the virus.

Local media reported that education officials threatened teachers who failed to report back to school amid concerns it wasn’t safe.

The government has assured that safety measures to protect students and teachers were in place and there was little to worry about until the recent spike in covid-19 figures.

Meanwhile, some African countries have also announced the reopening of schools however countries including South Africa, Uganda and Senegal have now delayed that directive.

There are fears the virus could spread further if containment measures are not put in place. In some of these countries parents have raised concerns about the safety of their children.


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