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‘Blanket man’ who was caught sleeping with Afia Schwar revealed

'Blanket man' who was caught sleeping with Afia Schwar revealed

Ghanaian singer cum radio personality Mzbel, has revealed the identity of the blanket man who was caught in bed with Afia Schwarzenegger.

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel have been revealing secrets about each other in the past weeks. Although it’s quiet their usual behaviour, Mzbel’s revelation is quiet a shocker.

According to singer Mzbel, one Mallet is the popular blanket man who was caught sleeping with Afia Schwarzenegger while she was still married to her ex-husband Lawrence Abrokwah.

Mallet slept with Afia the same day they met to discuss business.

Mallet who was originally supposed to help Afia retrieve a hacked account ended up enjoying other benefits, Mzbel reveals. Mallet continued to sleep with Afia Schwarzenegger from their first encounter until he was finally caught one day by her ex-husband .

Mzbel further indicated that Afia Schwarzenegger was almost like a prostitute who sleeps with a man anytime, anywhere. These revelation were monitored by on social media.

The two had been good friends for years until Mzbel was accused of sleeping with Afia Schwarzenegger’s boyfriend, leading to their frequent jabs.

Afia in her quest to prove Mzbel actually slept with her boyfriend, leaked a purported chat she claimed she had with Mzbel in which she apologized for sleeping with the boyfriend.

Afia later in one of their banters asked Mzbel to tell Ghanaians who the father of her son is. But Mzbel’s comeback at Afia has exposed how she slept with many men and borrowing money to marry one of them.

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