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Bettie Jenifer was shot by her drug boss husband

Bettie Jenifer has been shot dead in the USA and speculations on how and who killed her have already started circulating on social media with some fans pointing fingers at actor Chris Attoh for killing his wife.

These speculations are a result of Chris deleting Bettie’s photos on his Instagram page last week.

According to a latest report, Bettie Jenifer was killed by a hired gunman of her husband who has been jailed for 20 years serving  drug offenses, Netbuzzafrica has gathered.

Bettie Jenifer, mother of twins was still married to cartel boss Kedrick Jenifer.

Kedrick Arnold Jenifer was also known as“Ricky Jenifer,” “James Howard Collier, Jr.” and “Rick.”

A source close to the late Bettie reveals actor Chris Attoh knew nothing about Bettie’s husband when they met.

Bettie who received several threats from the Kendrick’s cartel members few months after they discovered her second marriage to the Ghanaian actor convinced Chris Attoh to deleted their photos from his Instagram page to save her life but that didn’t leave a lot of impressions for the husband to reconsider his decision.

It would be recalled that Ghanaians on Saturday morning woke up to the news about how the deceased was shot while leaving her office by an unknown assailant.

Greenbelt Police though have not been able to identify the person reported to have committed the dastardly act, but described the killer as “a black male with a thick build and black hair, wearing a dark shirt and pants.

Bettie Jenifer, according to the report left the office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane and was walking to her car when the man armed with a handgun approached her.

She then ran across the parking lot followed by the suspect, who fired multiple shots at the victim, with at least one shot striking her.

Hours before Bettie’s sudden death, Chris Attoh tweeted: #CHRIS ATTOH When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is ever…

Although he’s not a suspect, Chris has since left from Los Angeles where he was shooting a movie to Maryland where his wife was killed upon hearing the news.


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