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Becca feels no one at Zylofon can add value to her career – Insider hints

Becca feels no one at Zylofon can add value to her career – Insider hintsA few days ago, news broke with confirmation that Stonebwoy had finally left Zylofon and despite the usual Zylofon absurd tactics of denying indisputable facts, the swift turn of events following our report confirms that we were once again damn right. Stonebwoy is out!

Now, an inside source at Zylofon has told us that, it’s not only Stonebwoy—Becca has long been contemplating and fighting to leave too, citing management issues. Apparently, Becca has been telling friends that, apart from the lump sum she received, nothing valuable has been added to her career since her Zylofon signing—and that, she feels no one at Zylofon is well placed or has what it takes to add any value to her career.

“She has been angry for some months now. She wants to leave but she is scared of how things will turn out,” the source said.

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“If she was given the free pass to jump off the already falling cliff today, she would gladly jump. She is hanging in there because she does not want to be seen as ungrateful, especially considering how she and Kiki Banson ended,” the source added.

According to Ghana Celebrities, Becca who is alleged to have recently bleached, probably with Zylofon’s given cash that was given to her, is scared that if she leaves, BullDog the ‘Retriever’ will storm her house to take back all the bleaching creams—with obvious consequences to her now much cherished light skin.

Check out Becca’s new video featuring ‘outgoing’ label mate Stonebwoy below.



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