BB Skys supports New African Movement with new song, Africa Unite

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BB Skys supports New African Movement with new song, Africa UniteBB Skys has added his voice to Fuse ODG’s ‘New Africa Movement’.

The young talented artist from Ghana has some relevant opinions about panafricanism which can find its roots with the Bra Fie singer’s vision. Fuse ODG from the very onset of his music career, has been about portraying Africa in a good light.

Over the years, he has been able to work his vision of a ‘New Africa’ so well, through several conscientious records amidst other humanitarian projects in Ghana.

His most recent single with Damian Marley titled Bra Fie is a plea for expatriates in the diaspora to pay attention to their motherland. It is in this regard, that budding Ghanaian talent BB Skys, has shared an  equally passionate vision about panafricanism.

He describes Bra Fie as a song meant to re-unite Africans with their culture that is now defunct in most expatriates. According to BB SKYS, Fuse’s project is in the right direction. ” Several artists ought to follow with their energies and craft.”

‘In an era like this, where Fuse’s song is booming, Sarkodie amongst others could make songs reiterating the same message so as to solidify the call for African expatriates to the continent. Imagine the benefits. At best, that would be a good tourism plea and a good way to tap into the audience abroad’.

In his quest to support the movement, Bb Skys’ ‘Africa Unite’ song, is also a call to sensitize Africans over the need to take charge of affairs and not rely hopelessly on leaders who have no plan for progress.

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