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Asiedu Nketia’s fashion gaffe from a ‘winter coat’ to an oversized shoe

NPP performed poorly in 2017 – Asiedu NketiaA few years ago Asiedu Nketia popularly known as General Mosquito debuted his infamous ‘winter coat’ and now we’ve had his oversized ‘guarantee’ shoe.

It appears anytime the General Secretary of the NDC walks out of town, he adds a touch creativity to his appearance. In the company of the former President John Dramani Mahama among some party bigwigs, Asiedu Nketia recently visited London to meet reps of the party’s UK and Ireland chapter and he’s in trouble again for his dead fashion sense.

Mosquito was in a shoe which has been roundly mocked on social media as oversized and people are wondering if Mosquito has any fashion sense.

Check out Nketia’s shoe below:Asiedu Nketia's fashion gaffe from a 'winter coat' to an oversized shoe


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