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Angel Obinim and wife spend vacation in Spain

Angel Obinim and wife spend vacation in SpainBishop Daniel Obinim and wife Florence Obinim are currently in Spain to enjoy a short vacation.

The Founder and leader of the International Godsway Church travelled to Spain with his family to have a good time in Barcelona.

A photo of the couple posted on Facebook by Mrs Obinim shows the couple have decided to take some time away from their busy pastoral schedules to have some fun out in the Spanish city.

“Just a short break for relaxation in Spain with family. May God be with you all. Stay blessed,”Mrs Obinim captioned the above photo on social media.

Pastor Obinim is famously known for his lively approach to preaching and has mostly been in the news for various reasons. One that shook the nation was when he revealed that he’s able to turn into a snake among other things while visiting people in their dreams and even  sometimes through a physical approach.

He recently gave children to barren women in his church through one of his several miraculous services.

Meanwhile, his latest trip to Barcelona has left the public asking if Bishop Obinim turned into an airplane to Spain or he used the normal procedure for traveling. We’re certain that after his chill out season, we’ll get to know how Mr and Mrs Obinim flew to Spain.


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