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Actress Yvonne Nelson jabs Victoria Lebene, curses a Twitter user

Actress Yvonne Nelson jabs Victoria Lebene, curses a Twitter userAmerican rapper cum actress Cardi B, was in Ghana for less than 24hrs on December 8, 2019 but it seems the female superstar has left a mark in the Ghanaian entertainment industry that will be forever be noted by future generations.

With hashtags flying north and west, “YearOfKhebab,” “CardiBab”, “SlayVengers” and more, social media has been loud since the platinum rapper left Ghanaian celebrities stranded in a supposed meet and greet in Accra upon her arrival.

In what seems to be a national disgrace to top entertainers in the country, Ghana, actress and mother of one Yvonne Nelson couldn’t stand with her fellow entertainers on why they had to wait for another celebrity for more than five hours for a meet and greet. In an attempt to comment on the issue, Yvonne tweeted ” Know Your Worth” an that also has triggered a lot of talk leading the actress, Yvonne to curse a Twitter user on Tuesday morning for disrespecting her and her daughter.

Yvonne Nelson’s rage didn’t end there as she lost her cool again – and this time, vents on newly married actress and journalist friend, Victoria Lebene.

Ms Nelson got furious when Victoria’s husband, Eugene Osarfo-Nkansah of Nkonkonsa, shared a viral post of a fan jabbing her on Twitter.

She reacted to the post by asking if the tweet against her bothers Eugene.

“And to you Nkonkonsa, my tweet about knowing your worth bothers you??” she tweeted.

The response from a Twitter user angered Yvonne to further curse the Twitter user saying: “The dumb charles in kokonsah’s post, you are CURSED for life! Mark my words! Never bring my baby(daughter) into anything negative! God punish you! I’ve given you all the publicity you want! Enjoy it.”

Eugene’s wife in a response to Yvonne’s tweet also asked the top actress to tolerate other opinions ‘regardless of the sensitivity’ because she is an opinion leader.

“If we all decide to be Opinion leaders, then we should be ready to receive other opinion, regardless the sensitivity. People’s opinion cannot be controlled, that’s the sad part,” she tweeted.

But Yvonne quickly fired back at Victoria Lebene calling her a ‘loser and pathetic’, adding that she prays no one disrespect her children and that her marriage lasts.

“Bunch of losers! Y’all are pathetic. Someone is supporting her hubby for posting a diss, don’t worry. You’ll get pregnant/or is already pregnant, I pray you get treated with respect, and hope no one disrespects your baby. I pray your marriage lasts too,” Yvonne tweeted.

Actress Yvonne Nelson jabs Victoria Lebene, curses a Twitter user
Yvonne Nelson at Victoria and Eugene’s wedding

Yvonne Nelson was last spotted with both Victoria Lebene and Eugene at their wedding earlier in June this year. What really went south?


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