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A peep into Ibrahim Mahama’s $1.9 billion net worth


A peep into Ibrahim Mahama's $1.9 billion net worthLet’s take a peep into Ibrahim Mahama’s $1.9 billion net worth.
Named amongst the successful businessmen in Ghana currently, it is not surprising that social media craze was as much as it was some time back when it was suspected that Mahama was cruising around town in a truck that is said to have cost 1 million dollars in shipment only.
Ibrahim Mahama aside being notable for being the brother to the former president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama is also known to be driving most of the luxurious cars in town.  If the Ibrahim Mahama Bugatti car is anything to go by, it is clear then that he is not a man to hold back when it comes to spending on quality vehicles. After all his Bugatti is 2 million dollars out of the many stacks piled in his accounts.

Ibrahim Mahama Profile.

The 47-year-old was born in the month of January in 1971. Emmanuel Adama Mahama and Joyce Tamakloe are the lucky parents of Ibrahim Mahama.

Biography Ibrahim Mahama.

Ibrahim Mahama properties will amaze you. He is the owner of Engineer and Planners, which is among the largest West Africa mining company, 1977.

In 2004, he ventured into poultry farming and success followed him in that he could get not less than 10, 000 broilers and 150, 000 eggs a day.

Mahama also invested in a cement project that can give a total of 2 million tones annually.

This proves that calling him successful is an understatement because he is more than that.
A peep into Ibrahim Mahama's $1.9 billion net worthIbrahim Mahama Artist Bio.

Ibrahim Mahama is a talented artist that install and creates his artistic vision on jute sacks.

He purchase already torn and patched jute sacks from the Ghanaian markets. These jute sacks have the names of the products names.

They are then well transformed and displayed in Ghanaian markets and galleries.

Ibrahim Mahama Artist Biography.

All that Ibrahim Mahama proves with his artistic work is value system. That interesting bit of his work is that he does his purchasing in the same market they will be useful when displayed. Ibrahim Mahama creativity has left many in awe.

Ibrahim Mahama Net Worth.

Ibrahim success hands and efforts have made him the top richest Ghanaian. His net worth escalated from the approximate $860 million to $1.9 billion.

This is a huge pay and large part of it comes from the mining companies he owns all over Africa and also from his other companies that include.

Real Estate Company MBG LTD. – That deals with car parts, vehicle services, and vehicle accessories

Asulsuare Poultry Farm

Arcelormital Connections- Ibrahim Mahama is not the founder but he works in partnership with the owner.

Ibrahim Mahama Private Jet.

Ibrahim Mahama has broke record by owning a private jet. He is the first Ghanaian to take the step of showing his great success by buying one.

The private jet is a 15 seater and it is a trade deal in between an American partner in business and the founder of Engineers and Planners, Ibrahim Mahama. He purchased his private jet for $35 million.

Ibrahim Mahama family.

Apart from Ibrahim Mahama being well none as a young real brother of John Dramani Mahama, he is also blessed with a wife and children. His wife is known as Oona Mahama and their have 3 children.

Ibrahim Mahama cars.

Ibrahim Mahama does not only own a $35 million private jet, but also a couple of exotic cars in his garage like Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6*6 worth an approximate $780, 000, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, infinity, and Lincoln. There have a unique customized number plate with PEPE.

Ibrahim Mahama house.

Ibrahim Mahama owns a multi million-luxury house. His family is living an admirable lifestyle.

Ibrahim success in business makes him to deserve everything he ever wants. He is also a very humble man in spite of his big and huge net worth, which is currently $1.9 billion.

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