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5 Foods to Skip if You Want to Stay Slim

5 Foods to Skip if You Want to Stay SlimYou’ll find a wealth of information doing the rounds on the internet and other media on the best foods, nutrition, and health. Unfortunately, some information is misleading or confusing. In a bid to attain and keep their ideal body weight, people have resorted to all manner of things. You can maintain a slim physique by eating the right food and doing workouts.

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The following are some foods that you should avoid if you are keen on maintaining a healthy weight or remaining slim.

Flavored yogurt

If you are a lover of dairy products, then go for plain yogurt instead of flavored pots. Yogurt is not necessarily healthy, especially those that have a lot of sugars added to them. Fruit and flavored yogurts are a total cheat as people are made to believe they contain fruits, but this is far from the truth. If they had, then they would have some fiber. If you look more closely at the nutritional information, you’ll soon find that they do not have fiber. You could make real fruited yogurt by adding fresh fruit to plain yogurt and forget about readily flavored varieties.

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips packaging bags have great alluring pictures of vegetables on them. However, the ingredient list shows differently – they are simply potato chips, or French fries as they are popularly known. Potato in itself is a vegetable, but once it’s deep-fried and salted the nutritional value is totally compromised. You can make real veggie chips by slicing vegetables, dressing them with some olive oil, sprinkling salt sparingly on them, and then baking them.

Fruit Juice

Do you want your body to benefit from fruits? If yes, eat the fruits, not drink them. Juices just provide you with lots of calories without beneficial fiber. At least half, or more, of a fruit, is lost in the form of fiber when you juice it and throw away the pulp and peels. It would be more prudent to add fresh fruit to some water and enjoy that drink, for those who love fruits for their flavor.

Granola bars

Granola is, in reality, a grain to which sugar and fat have been added. Packaging it in bar form further reduces its nutritional value. In most cases, commercial granola bars are made from refined grains, sweeteners, and fats. Rarely are they made of whole grains, proteins, or fibers, all of which are supposed to be the key ingredients of real granola bars. You would do your body more favor by getting the recipe for fiber-rich homemade granola bars and spare yourself the mockery of buying and eating cookies disguised as granola bars.


During the fat-free awakening period of the 1990s, people were made to believe that pretzels were a healthy food. True, they are free of fat but so is white bread. They are actually white bread with a little bit more salt and crunch. Even with whole-grain pretzels, the first ingredient is rarely a whole grain. Pretzels that are supposedly made of whole grains are actually made with refined white flour whose fiber content is not of much benefit to the body. You won’t go wrong taking nuts instead of pretzels if you need a satisfying snack. Nuts are rich in fiber, fats, and proteins.

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